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I have worked with hundreds of clients from full on logo and identity packages to simple business card redesigns. I have worked with multi-million dollar clients and those who barely have two nickels to put into marketing, because every penny is going back into their business. Not only can we design for your business, but we can design for your budget. Contact us today to see how we can help you! 

Logos and Identity

Of all of the cool projects I get to do as a Graphic Designer, I love working on Logos and Corporate Identity projects the most. It gives me a great feeling knowing that I am helping people build their dreams and their futures. 


I've been fortunate enough to work with GEARWRENCH for the last few years on everything from updating their branding and packaging to their large-scale marketing efforts and trade shows. They have become an integral partner with Downtime Designs and we love all the cool projects we get to work on together.  

In high school I worked as a Peer Mediator and was able to help resolve conflicts. As an adult, I was able to work with the Conflict Resolution Center of Baltimore County to develop  their identity.


Also shown are some initial sketches, a little insight into my creative process.

Armed with a Mac and a dream it was my job to build the Run For Your Lives brand from the ground up! The zombie themed adventure race gave me the freedom to run with my imagination and create not only their look, but all of the merchandise, event day signage and complete 


There are moments every day in which a few seconds make all the difference. With the confidence brought by hours of training mind and muscles, you want to know that your equipment won’t fail you. WARWEAR won’t fail you.

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